Deltassist Recognized by COA

continuous improvement at Deltassist    Deltassist Family and Community Services Society is accredited under new COA Canadian Standards.

   Deltassist was first accredited in 2006 by the Council on Accreditation, (COA), an international body specializing in developing and promoting standards of excellence in organizations that provide child and family services, and community health and social services. This achievement marks an important milestone in the growth of Deltassist as a community resource that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the development of healthy individuals and healthy families in a healthy community.

   All who are associated with Deltassist are very proud of this accomplishment. It means that we have been recognized for setting high standards for ourselves and for the services we provide; and that we are an organization that strives to do quality work today and embraces an attitude of quality improvement to do even better tomorrow.

   Having achieved accreditation by COA is not an end, but merely a beginning. Going forward we at Deltassist have set ourselves on a path to strive for, and achieve, new levels of excellence in all that we do. It is that commitment which our community partners - clients, funders, donors, other service organizations - expect of Deltassist and it is also what we at Deltassist expect of ourselves. Information about COA can be accessed on their website, .

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