Rent Meeting Rooms At Deltassist In North Delta

Conference Area

Book a conference room with bright sun light.
• Used as one large workshop room with capacity of 60 - 100
• Can be arranged into 2 separate rooms with capacity of 30 - 50 each
• Wheelchair accessible
• Direct access to parking lot
Rent a conference room that works well for week night events. Conference food prep area

Board Room

Rent quiet space for your next annual meeting, training & staff events or workshops & seminars in Delta
• Professional, formal atmosphere
• Comfortable seating
• Wheelchair accessible
• Adjustable lighting and communications support
Board room that allows break out committee meeings, shown at night. Secure street level direct to parking lot access.

Child Care Space

Complete child care facility with one way observation window to support those attending.
• Book alongside either the conference room or the board room.
• Convenient for all day events that have attendees with children.
• A quiet & fully featured child care area.
Child care during event and board meetings allow more to attend evening meetings.

Bonus Facility Features

• 45 free of charge parking spots
• Flexible seating &
  room configurations
• Air conditioning
• Use of food preparation area
• Audio visual equipment
• Podium with sound system
• Flip charts
• White boards
• Internet access
• Catering available

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