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On going set of sessions for positive parenting school age children

Positive Parenting 5 to 12

  No cost to Delta residents. A workshop for parents to enjoy meeting, sharing stories and feeling empowered while learning and building on skills.

Positive Parenting Workshops

This workshop includes group sessions on:

• Attachment Parenting
• Goals of Behaviour/Misbehaviour
• Volunteer Visiting
• Healthy Boundaries
• Discipline
• Barbara Colorosso Video Topic Discussion
• Budgeting
• Volunteer Visiting
• Self-Care/Stress Management
• Ages & Stages of Development

FAIR 1 workshop for women in adusive relationships
  A group for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and have found it to impact their self esteem, sexuality, intimate, familial, or work relationships. Women wanting to move forward in their lives.

Freedom From Abuse In Relationships

A group for women wanting a safe and healthy relationship free from violence and fear. Topics include abuse types, cycle of abuse, why abuse happens, why women stay in abusive relationships, self esteem, stress management, relaxation techniques, self awareness, boundary setting, assertiveness, anger triggers and coping.
workshop for women experiencing sexual abuse

Beyond Survival

marriage counseling, dating, relationships

Healthy Relationships & Stress Management Group

The sessions will teach participants the skills of effective communication, problem solving, listening, conflict resolution, impulse control, stress management and coping strategies.
It is a group for adults who are 19 years or older, that are self-referred and who have not been charged with or, are not currently facing charges related to domestic violence.
legal aid for Delta residents of limited means

Access Justice Pro Bono Clinic

Working with Access Pro Bono Society of British Columbia, Deltassist provides space at its North Delta and Ladner offices. Low income residents are provided with a 30 minute no charge consultation session.

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