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where to donate    Your support, in all its forms, is appreciated and needed. Thank you for your interest in donating to Deltassist.

   As a non-profit, community based social services organization, we rely on donations to run our programs. We have a number of ways to donate, from funding a specific program to general operations or helping out with our wish list below. Your support in any area is greatly appreciated.

   For security reasons, we ask that you use this link, and we will contact you directly.
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Deltassist's Wish List

   Where possible, ear marking donated funds towards delivering programs is the easiest. While our operating costs are our biggest expense, there are a number of other 'things' that we need as well. So, we've created a Wish List of items that will help Deltassist provide better service to individuals, families and the community.

Program Help

   Evening group programs are typically funded to only cover personnel costs. Funding or donations in kind are constantly needed to cover child care or beverage and snack costs associated with their groups.

Capital Projects

   • Sponsoring volunteer rain jackets
   • A replacement phone system for the North Delta office
   • Wooden storage shed for the North Delta office
   • Funds for child minding for parenting groups
   • Office space in Ladner and Tsawwassen
   • T.V. monitors for the Ladner and North Delta waiting rooms.
   • Electronic reader board for the North Delta office.
   • Storage shed container for the North Delta office.
   • Improving North Delta facility security by installing a emergency access lock box.
   • Stove, dishwasher and equipment dolly for the North Delta office Conference rooms.

Other Fundraising Required

   Widely recognized as an annual distributor of 100's of Christmas hampers and 1000's of toys for Delta families in need with hardships, Deltassist works throughout the year providing help and hope to Delta residents. Someone you know has likely benefited from the services provided by Deltassist.

   Christmas to Christmas, neighbour to neighbour, Deltassist cares for our community. Supporting Deltassist is supporting all of Delta. Please consider designating Deltassist as the beneficiary of your fund raising efforts.

You can fundraise for Deltassist in many ways:
   • Organize a fund raiser at work
   • Make it a Toy Depot gift instead of a gift exchange
   • Hold a 50-50 draw each payday at your office
   • Plan a fund raising event at your school, church or service club
   • Hold a bake sale or garage sale
   • Offer a raffle or door prize at your event
   • Collect money for Casual or Jeans day

   Last year, donations provided 668 hampers through the Christmas Hamper Program, 783 children received toys via the Toy Depot, and after various support services and aid provided by our community fund, the total served by Christmas programs was 1795.

   Deltassist depends on your help in these and many ways possible to raise money for all Deltassist programs and services.
It takes you to fuel the daily work!

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